Escrip Details

Simply Shop.  Earn money for our school.  It’s that easy.

What is eScrip?

It is like a rewards program that directly benefits the LGHS NMF.  Register your credit, debit, grocery loyalty and Macy’s card so that you don’t miss an opportunity to earn rebates.

Register your whole wallet!

If you are currently signed up with eScrip, there is now a simple way for you to add the debit/credit cards you use and carry every day to your existing account – no expirations, no security codes.  Visit and select the card(s) you’d like to add from the drop down box. Please note: we can provide your supporter ID in order for you to log into this add card feature-Just let us know!

How to sign up?

Not yet signed up with eScrip? You’ll be thrilled how easy it is to register online at, About the Program, Sign Up Now  School ID #: ??? (LGHS NMF).  Register your credit and debit card numbers (no expirations, no security codes) and your grocery loyalty cards to earn free money for NMF.

If you are signed up with Safeway or Vons, and eScrip, please pay with any form of payment that is NOT a credit card when you shop at Safeway or Vons stores (Debit, cash, check, gift card).

Safeway/eScrip Update:

eScrip                safeway logo


There has been an important change for our Safeway and Vons eScrip program: Paying for your groceries with a credit card will no longer earn a contribution.

Kids at multiple schools, not a problem!

If you have children at multiple schools with eScrip, not to fear!  You can support up to 3 schools with your eScrip account.  Please take a few minutes to do this — we are counting on you!

Thank you for your support,

eScrip Coordinator, cell: