Corporate Matching

Corporate matching donations are an easy way to double your charitable donation. This year we are making an extra effort to get matching donations from employers.Local matching programs can be found at Apple, Google, Oracle, Yahoo, Inc., Hewlett Packard Co., IBM, eBay, NVIDIA and many other local and national corporations!  Click Here to see the complete list.



Q : What is a Corporate Matching donation?
A: Many companies have a policy where they match donations made by their employees to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. Our  Federal Tax ID # is 68-0486391.

Q: Does a Corporate Matching donation benefit the employer?
A: Yes. The matching donations made by companies are tax deductible for them and also create a positive
image for the company in the community.

Q: When should you apply for a matching donation from your Company?
A: As soon as you donate. Most companies process match requests once a quarter. Some companies may have a time limit in which you have to file the matching request once the donation is made.

Q: How do I know whether my employer has a corporate matching program?
A: Check the list below. If your company is not on the list, check with your HR/Benefits department.  Please inform us if your company “matches” but is not on the list. We’ll update our list.

Q: How do I apply for matching donation from my company?
A: Each company has different procedures. Please check with your HR/Benefits department. Some companies may require hardcopy paperwork requesting a match. In that case, please collect and fill in the necessary form from your HR/Benefits department and submit it with your check to the NMF treasurer. We confirm receipt of your donation and mail it back to your company.

Many companies use or To access the website, you will need to enter your employer’s unique address which typically is<<Your Company Name>> or <<Your Company Name>>, then log in with your employee id and password and follow the prompts.

We thank you for your continued support of LGHS New Millennium Foundation.

Contact our treasurer for more information.